Nokia to acquire elenion


Elenion designs and develops highly integrated System-on-Chip optical engines for Telecom, Data Center and Networking applications.



bet356体育在线Silicon photonics makes it possible to integrate complex devices onto a single chip and create new form factors and functions that simply could never be addressed with discrete devices. Elenion’s proprietary technology allows us to use the same factories that are used in the electronics industry. We modify their processes so that we can use these factories to build chips that manipulate light, in addition to electrons. Using this technology, we can build silicon photonic chips that move light through optical fibers, dramatically improving the performance and reducing the cost of moving data around a data center and around the world.



Elenion builds complex, highly integrated photonic engines based on our silicon photonics platform, running in a major CMOS foundry. Within this platform, we can build optical engines at both 1310 and 1550 nm, at speeds up to 600G on a single wavelength of light. The applications for this technology range from hyperscale computing to telecommunications.


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