bet356体育在线With its unique ability to integrate complex electro-optical circuits onto a single silicon chip, Silicon Photonics makes it possible to create new form factors and functions that simply could never be addressed with discrete devices. Another key benefit includes the simplicity and ability of low cost, high volume manufacturing. Being able to reuse the manufacturing infrastructure developed for the electronics industry fosters huge advantages in terms of cost, time-to-market and complexity scaling. 

bet356体育在线Silicon photonics has proven to be a compelling platform for next-generation coherent optical communications and for intra-data center interconnects. This technology can be used to address a wide range of applications from short-reach interconnects to long-haul communications. These devices have gained significant market traction in metro, data center interconnect, and intra-data center applications today, and are widely viewed as a key technology enabler for next-generation networks which will require high data rates, high density, low power consumption, and low cost.

To fit into the smallest form factor packages such as CFP2 and QFSP-DD and to meet the requirements of next generation low-power, high baud rate products such as 400G-ZR, photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and RF integrated circuits (RFICs) need to be co-packaged and co-designed. Co-design of the PIC and RFIC enables the best overall link performance by optimally partitioning design targets between the photonic and electronic parts.

In the future, new photonic co-packaging innovations with coherent DSP or switch ASICs can also eliminate bandwidth and distance limitations, significantly improving power efficiency and density, as well as ultimately enabling radically new applications and architectures.


Elenion’s silicon photonics solutions include optical engines for coherent applications that can be designed into both pluggable and on-board form factors. These optical engines achieve significant cost savings for network systems, and offer a highly compact form factor, low power operation, and high performance.


Coherent Silicon Transmitter and receiver (CSTAR™-200) FOR DATA CENTER AND TELECOM APPLICATIONS

bet356体育在线CSTAR™-200 is a next-generation, small form factor BGA packaged, Coherent Silicon Transmitter and Receiver optical engine for use in CFP2 type pluggable or on-board 100/200G coherent optical communication applications.


  • bet356体育在线Monolithically integrated optics using Silicon Photonics IC

  • Dual polarization IQ modulator (QPSK, 8QAM,16QAM)

  • Integrated intradyne receiver

  • bet356体育在线Single laser input for both Tx and Rx

  • Integrated co-designed RFICs

  • Advanced non-hermetic BGA package

  • Pigtailed fiber I/O’s

  • bet356体育在线DSP agnostic

  • Compact form factor suitable for CFP2-DCO, CFP2-ACO, CFP-DCO and On-Board applications



bet356体育在线Monolithic Integrated Modulator / Receiver Assembly (IMRA) for high speed communications.  This coherent optical engine supports 100/200G communications for data center and telecom markets.  The small form factor enables its use in both pluggable transceiver and on-board applications.


  • Monolithically integrated optics using Silicon Photonics IC

  • bet356体育在线Dual polarization IQ modulator (QPSK, 8QAM,16QAM)

  • Integrated intradyne receiver

  • Single laser input for both Tx and Rx

  • bet356体育在线Gold box package

  • bet356体育在线Pigtailed fiber I/O’s

  • DSP agnostic

  • bet356体育在线Compact form factor suitable for CFP2-ACO, CFP-DCO and On-board applications