Silicon photonics is a revolutionary technology which is enabling the rapid scaling of complexity in the optical domain, in much the same way that electronic ASIC complexity has increased exponentially over the past 40 years.  By leveraging the very advanced technical capabilities of electronic ASIC fabrication facilities, Elenion is developing highly integrated photonic devices with world-leading performance and cost and is achieving development timelines that were previously not thinkable for optical devices.

Unique Capabilities

  • Proprietary silicon photonics manufacturing process, on a production CMOS foundry

  • bet356体育在线Internally-developed photonics design environment including a deep library of silicon-proven devices

  • Wafer-scale automated electro-optic testing

  • bet356体育在线Co-designed RFIC’s

  • bet356体育在线Unique low-loss fiber-coupling and proprietary low-cost non hermetic, BGA packaging technology 

  • Light sources integrated onto the silicon platform with proprietary laser bonding technology

bet356体育在线Elenion has assembled a multidisciplinary team of world experts, taking full advantage of the revolutionary capabilities offered by silicon photonics. By bringing all of these capabilities together, Elenion co-designs systems across the boundaries between material systems, creating unique, differentiated, highly integrated systems-on-chip and systems-in-package.